Solar powered mobile vaccine refrigerator

Aweeriland, Kenya

Samuel* and Lucinda* have worked for 13 years in a remote and impoverished area near the Eastern Coast of Kenya called Aweeriland. Locals affectionately refer to Samuel as “doctorra” because he has been medically trained and taken on the role of local dispenser of medicine. Many people in the region rely on his knowledge and the medicine he stores at his home to help their families.

Sadly, the Aweer people often do not name their newborn babies because of high infant mortality, often due to the lack of simple vaccinations. Samuel is unable to provide these vaccinations because they require refrigeration, and electricity is unavailable in Aweeriland. Villages in the region are long distances apart, and can take days to travel by foot, instead of hours by vehicle. Poor road conditions make public transportation unpractical, leaving villagers isolated from medical care, particularly in emergencies.

LOTI is currently designing a solar powered mobile refrigeration unit for the Aweer people. A solar powered mobile refrigerator provides an ideal solution to Aweeriland’s challenge. Provision of this technology will allow Samuel to give life saving temperature sensitive medicine and vaccinations to remote areas at a moments notice. It will also allow him to respond to a greater variety of medical situations. LOTI will install this system in the Summer of 2009. Support LOTI in providing the Solar powered mobile vaccine refrigeration for Aweeriland, Kenya!


*Names have been changed to preserve the privacy of our partners