Isaa’s Story

Isaa grew up in a small rural village in Western Kenya. He is now 25 years old, recently married, and working on his father’s farm where he earns about $1 per day. Last summer he heard through a family friend that LOTI in conjunction with Possibilities Africa (PA) was working in Namawanga to train young men as solar technicians. The solar certification program not only ensures that the household energy systems LOTI installs are able to be fixed when broken, but also empowers the poor with knowledge to improve their lives through income. Excited, Isaa rose early to make the 6-mile trek to Namawanga to participate in the solar technician training. He completed the certificate course taught by LOTI staff and has been mentored since then by PA’s ministry staff. Isaa now uses these skills to provide for his young family.

The power of Isaa’s story, and many others like his, should not be underestimated. The training that Isaa received empowers him with a skill that helps him provide for his family, and enhance his sense of dignity. Such training facilitates our mission to care for the poor holistically and aid in the long-term ministry to these communities.

LOTI has worked to provide sustainable household energy systems in Namawanga for four years. During the month of August, an LOTI Team of six will be working in Kenya. One of the team’s objectives is to continue the training for solar technicians, like Isaa, in Western Kenya, as well as to set up a business which will install and maintain household energy systems in homes and schools in Bungoma District villages. This business will be run by village elders and trainees, so all income will go back into the community. The household energy systems include solar power, biogas (methane production), and biochar(charcoal made from farm waste) systems. Further work will be done to solidify the community microfinance entity that allows for the poor to purchase household energy systems when they have low capital.

Would you be willing to contribute toward these exciting projects? The total project budget is $26,000. In order to meet this budget we need to raise an additional $8,000. Your contribution will be used to purchase several initial household energy systems for the community, training the youth in Namawanga, and transportation.


Reed Barton Justin Henriques
Executive Directors, Co-founders